The Art Curator Gallery has specialized in South African Investment Art for over 30 years and as time has come to pass, our collection of art has grown into supporting the local up-and-coming talent. Our business is always evolving and so are our client needs regarding their art portfolios and support services we offer. Art Curator Gallery has now created this store to offer a selection of paintings, drawings, sculptures and photography from Local Up-and-coming artists. You can now be connected with the local talent you love through this new platform. We are very excited about Art Curator Store Online; it will offer full electronic commerce service with the best after sales service and advice possible with delivery worldwide. Although all the added services will enrich our customer experience our main focus is and always will be a satisfied client with both their purchase and the quality of experience during the process. The Art Curator has officially recreated the experience of buying and selling local art by making it easy, convenient and welcoming for both collectors and artists.

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